Stop blaming the victims

finger pointing

Victim blaming is nothing new. But in recent weeks I’ve been astounded as to just how entrenched it is in people’s minds.

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Male rape – it’s real

Credit: GCIS on flickr

Credit: GCIS on flickr

In an effort to be calm and exude relaxation, I try not get too riled up about things I read. But sometimes there are things that really ruffle my feathers. This time, it’s the reactions I see to male rape…

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Well hello there!

It has definitely been a while.

So where have I been you may ask? Well, my blogging became very infrequent due to illness and when I did post, it was to News24 Voices.

Now that I work for a media company, it would be a conflict of interest to post opinion pieces on a competitor’s site. So I’ve come back to this neck of the woods to return to blogging.

I will be uploading the pieces I did on News24 (as we are allowed to do that) over the next few days and then begin posting new content.

Hopefully I will be able to inform, entertain and provoke thought once again.

If you’re curious about my health, you can check out my fibromyalgia blog Ageing Ungracefully.

Otherwise you can look forward to me posting about news and politics right here :)

“You strike a woman, you strike a rock” – the famous quote from the 1956 women’s march on the Union Buildings.

Apparently, many took that quote to mean you can therefore strike a woman over and over again.

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So it turns out that Zuma and friends might get a 5.5% pay increase.

This of course wouldn’t be considered much – except for the fact that many of these people already earn millions per year.

According to IOLNews Zuma’s own salary would rise from R2.485 million to R2.622m per year.

Never mind the other expense he incurs which taxpayers have to pay for.And of course the millions living in poverty who would benefit so much more from the money.

I will be adding a more comprehensive post about my opinion on this.

In the meantime I want to see your opinions.

What do you think? Is the pay increase legitimate or just another example of fat cats lining their pockets?


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